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About the Tourist spots we can recommend.


The Rankings of the Towns the people want to live in around the Kansai area.


You will find the big-name schools from Kyoto University to Osaka University.


About the Town you live in.


The Kansai seems to be the site you will have a kind of the hardest battles for the entrance to the high schools.



■Kiyomizutera Temple(Kyotofu Kyotoshi)

This is one of the best Tourist spots in Japan, where they always announce the best Chinese character to stand for the year in one word.It was chosen as the candidate for a new selection of the 7 wonders in the world.


■Arashiyama(Kyotofu Kyotoshi)

About the Togetsu-kyo Bridge region.This is a famous place for its Sakura or the autumn colors as a tourist spot, well-known worldwide, such as Togetsu-kyo Bridge and the tram trains. You will find a lot of students on school trips.


■Kinkakuji Temple(Kyotofu Kyotoshi)

The stereotype of the Kyoto sightseeing. A lot of school-trip students and foreign tourists will visit this area. This tourist spot will give you a nice scenery in which the Kinkakuji Temple looks superb with the reflection in the pond. It's so amazing and beautiful.


■Todaiji Temple(Naraken Narashi)

This is the temple with the Hall of the Great Buddha "Great Buddha of Nara" which is the world's largest wooden structure located in the Nara Park. This is the tourist spot which has the Hokke-do with a lot of carved statues and the Nigatsu-do which is well-known as the stage of a traditional event called "Omizu-tori ceremony" around the world. We should be proud of the solemnity. The World Heritage.



This is the castle which Hideyoshi Toyotomi built as the headquarters for the national unification on the site of Ishiyama Honganji remains. Inside, this castle has many highlights, such as the grand stone walls built with huge rocks, the front gate, and many towers.



This is one of the outstanding castles, a typical Japanese style registered into the first World Cultural Heritage along with the Horyuji Temple. Since the figure of this castle looks like an egret is dancing extending its wings, it has a nickname of the Egret Castle. It will be lit up after the sunset.



The head temple of the Shingon- shu sect. You will find a lot of highlights, such as Danjoragan, and Kongobuji which is famous as one of the two major holy places in the Buddhist temples. About 60 percent of the generals in the Warring States period are buried respectfully here on this mountain. The World Heritage.



This is the place the Tokugawa shogunate began and ended. You will find some kinds of the techniques for the crime prevention those days, such as the Bush warbler floor even now.



The highest skyscraper in Japan opened completely in March, 2014. The origin of this naming "Harukasu" is from the intention "to let up the spirits of the people clearly", which sounds like Hare Bare refreshingly in the old Japanese saying.



One of the three famous temples in Kyoto. The official name of the Ginkakuji temple is Jisho-ji. Passing along Tetugaku-no-michi, the path of philosophy, or Philosopher’s walk, this course leading to the Ginkakuji temple is a standard route to enjoy the serene scenery.


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